To go along with Lil Gat's story......

My Sunday was fun except for the part where my buddy totaled his VFR.

Great, if a bit chilly, day to go riding. Started off fine. I met up with 2 of the guys I go riding with at one of the local crossroads where all the bikers stop. The 2 of them had been riding for about an hour and a half when I met them.
I'll refer to my buddies as VTR ( I also happen to have a VTR hence my name but was on my Ape) and VFR for the sake of the story.
We decided to go get some gas, top up then go ride some more.
It was about a 10 mile ride back to get some gas. As we were cruising along VFR buddy and I noticed that something fell off of our other buddies (VTR) jacket. VFR and I slowed down to see what it was that fell off. VFR turned around for what ever it was and I continued after VTR on to gas expecting VFR to catch up.
Well, VTR and I got to the gas station filled VFR?
Maybe he just decided to wait for us since we were gonna be 5-10 minutes? As VTR and I started back....a fire dept. pickup goes by with it's lights/sirens there is a lot of bike AND boat traffic where we ride and there are usually accidents on both sides every weekend so this wasn't completely a surprise.
I started to think bad thoughts.....
We are right behind the truck as it goes up the hill.....sure enough. VTR said he heard me yell FUCK in my helmet over the sounds of the bikes and siren.
VFR went down.
Left hander, not to hairy except for the cliff face on the right side which is right "there". We've been through this turn at least a hundred times....VFR is up and walking around, the VFR is on the side of the road siting upright...but the kickstand isn't down and it isn't on it's centerstand !
VFR was going around the turn when he heard a "pop" , the rear blew out. He lowsided and slid behind the bike. The bike was sliding/spinning and bounced off the cliff then came back and hit VFR in the chest! Now, he's no squid. He has been riding for 15 odd years (maybe longer) He can ride the snot out of that VFR.
It is definitely a SPORT-tourer. And the Micon cans he had on it sounded awesome.
He had a once piece leather suit on. There didn't appear to be any roadrash. His chest was sore and it hurt when he laughed.
The adrenaline started to wear off and he started to feel it.
The EMTs decided to take him in and he was smart enough to let them take control... maybe some broken ribs??
They ended up lifeflighting him out to a local hospital.

The bikes rear shock mount broke and the frame was broken on the right side. Lotsa plastic damage.

VTR and I rode over to the hospital (after getting in touch with his wife) and saw him. Xrays didn't show anything but they were going to do a CT scan. They ended up releasing him later that night.
He is going to be one sore M-F'er for awhile.
The bike will be totalled (he had gap insurance, smart man)
I'm starting to think about wearing a chest protector in addition to a back protector.

He was already talking about the new Honda 1000

I am going to be riding a bit slower for the time being.