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Thread: Hexker Pass

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    Hecker Pass

    Anyone familiar with Hecker Pass between Gilroy and Watsonville? Rode that for the first time today. I've driven it before a few times but that was years back and kinda forgot about it. What a great if not short stretch of road. Great road surface for a CA road.

    Was wondering if anyone is familiar if there a good time to ride it with little to no traffic? My memory is of it always being pretty busy when I've been on that road. Today was no exception.
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    It is always busy.
    Lived in Gilroy for 5 then Santa Cruz for 9 years and it was usually pretty busy.
    It is one of 3 major roads over to the coast from Hwy 101.

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    I've been through there in a car as a passenger a couple of times, but I've not been on it with a bike (yet). In that area though is some great riding by Carmel. Go visit the Moto Talbott museum, and then head east E. Carmel Valley Road. Some fun stuff out that way.

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