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Thread: Lower Seat for 2008 RXV

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    Lower Seat for 2008 RXV

    Are there any seat companies that might make a pad/cover kit for the 2008 bikes that is lower than the OEM stuff?

    I would like a seat pad that is lower than stock, maybe gel?

    I have a 2008 with the 12 liter tank, and want a seat that fits this bike/tank, a bit lower, as I am a bit vertically challenged.
    Thanks all

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    you'll probably have to take the cover off and just cut/sand it down yourself. You can def have one made, but they're gonna ask you for your orig seat and then just ask you to put some tape on it in the spots that you want taken down and how much you want it taken down. So brake out the turkey carver and a palm sander and save yourself some $$$$$$$
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