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Thread: 450cc Tigcraft SuperMonos (vids + pics)

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    450cc Tigcraft SuperMonos (vids + pics)

    MCN Magazine video about how these 450 Supermonos may take over 250GP:

    Friend of mine, Joe, sent me a link to a youtube vid of some candid footage of one of these beasties in action. Supermonos look like great fun. This bad boy looks delicious.

    Tigcraft frame. Aprilia SXV 550 v-twin power-plant == OWNIJ!!
    My friend Joe taking er' for a test:
    (He may race it in AFM series)

    (Joe's original post @ BARF: )

    Duc Supermono!! (juust found this as i'm finding these vids to embed)

    Husky Supermono:

    This guy, Roland Sands, who seems to be converting the Jap dirtbikes into these 450 Supermono Roadracers, and selling them as a package deal. Pretty neat IMO. He verbally dissects the conversion in this vid: (I LOOOVE the wheels on that kawi)

    I apologize if these have been posted before, but I don't recall ever seeing them posted here. I really like the idea, but I have to wonder what a setup like this might cost. Also, these 4-stroke motors will likely need to be rebuilt quite often, which may be a big problem to your average privateer considering how much more complex these motors are compared to good ol' 250cc 2-smokers.
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    Awesome. But what class does it fit in? It's hardly 450cc or single cylinder...

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    I should have put the MCN Tigcraft/Supermono video above the other vids as the thread title mainly pertains to that video. (Edit: done.)

    I think that Tigcraft/SXVAprilia beast is a one-off creation, but it sure does look and sound saucy. I'd love to have a chance to ride something like that someday. Looks like fun!

    To be honest, i'm not up on all the rules and regulations that go into racing these, or really any type of motorcylce racing for that matter. I just thought that the idea of a SXV550 v-twin motor in a lightweight mini road-race bike kicked ass way more than the already cool idea of racing Supermonos. It wasn't until recently that I even heard of the "Supermonos" or whatever they're really called, but once I started looking them up, I was unable to turn up any v-twin variations. That is, until my friend Joe emailed me with that video of when he went and test-rode it. He mentioned that he may race it in AFM, but didn't go into any real details about that. Just claimed it was a possibility the owner might let him race it.

    RSD 450 Supersingle = $15k USD (I hope that includes the base bike too) (damn that black bike is a beauty)
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