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Thread: Ergonomics - SV650S vs Falco

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    Gene K

    Ergonomics - SV650S vs Falco

    The Falco has me intrigued. If you can go by Motorcyclist Magazine's measurements a Falco has a more relaxed riding position in every dimension than a '03 SV650S.

    Peg to Seat: 17.5" vs 17.3"
    Seat to Bars: 29.6" vs 29.9"
    Effective Bar Rise: 3.2" vs 2.0"

    Does this seem correct to you?

    Since I have some ligament damage I am limited as to exactly what I can ride. There are no local Aprilia dealers so I would hate to travel to another state to look at a bike I may not be able to ride.

    If this seems correct I may start looking for a nice left-over '01-'02 or a low mile used Falco.

    Somehow this bike just calls to me in a way that others don't.

    Gene K

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    That would be correct as far as room to sit. The difference is the Falco's suspension and general manner is stiffer than an SV's...


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    Re: Falco Vs SV 650

    I ride a Falco and my girlfriend rides an SV650 and there is a world of difference between the two.
    The Falco is physically much taller and a longer reach and is about double the power output!! It is very comfortable for a sporty bike. The suspension and handling on the Falco is far superior, especially the front end, which is fully adjustable.
    If I jump on the SV it feels really small as it has a low seat height but it is a great little bike for a girl or a smallish bloke.
    A good rider on the SV would keep up with most things on most roads!

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    Falco available

    Hey, sorry to steal your thread on comfort, but I noticed you may be in the market for a used Falco. I have an 01 with under 4k miles on it in mint condition. RSV carbon cans & chip plus stock stuff. No other mods. New Bridgestone tires, motul oil every time.
    Email me if you are by chance interested.
    I'm located in Reidsville, N. Carolina.
    01 Falco
    00 Ducati 748

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    Re: Falco available

    The new SV is really low and streched out. I sat on one the other day. It doesn't seem very comfortable. If you buy a used Falco(do it!), budget for the purchase of the 2 Brothers adjustable bars. You can set the bars at just the correct height and angle.

    Ride safe.

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