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Thread: Oil Change On A 02 Rs50

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    Oil Change On A 02 Rs50

    How Or Where Do You Drain The Oil.

    Thank You.

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    edit #1*disregard post I thought it was a 250*

    Edit #2

    heres a diagram of the left side case (if looking at the headlight)
    #10 is your drain plug or see picture #2 for drain location

    Step 1:
    get someone to hold your bike in the level position or throw it on front AND rear stands
    remove the fill cap and remove the drain plug. drain all your oil out

    Step 2:
    Picture 3 shows the level screw
    remove the screw and reinstall the drain plug

    Step 3:
    fill with oil slowly until the oil comes out of the level screw hole.

    Step 4:
    reinstall the level screw once all the oil stops seeping out and reinstall oil filler cap.
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