Hello all..

I have a number of VJ23 parts for sale. The bike has only 1,200km on the odometer, but not completely sure how accurate that might be. I was told the bike sat for most of its life in Florida, some rust and the condition of the tires seem to prove that out. I know some of the rs250 guys have been looking for light wheels for their bikes. Th

VJ23 Cases.....look to be in excellent shape $425

VJ23 Front (3") and rear wheel (4.5") (front or rear rotor NOT included but does include the sprocket and all bearings) Looks to be in great shape but the is a little paint chipping of in few places. $450

VJ23 Front Rotors, Look to be in Great Shape $275

VJ23 rear rotor $60

VJ23 Calipers, brake lines and Master cylinder $250

VJ23 Front axle $40

VJ23 Front Forks, Look awesome but one of the for seals was leaking. $495

Prices are listed in US$....Prices plus shipping...

Pictures are available for all the items.....
Please feel free to aks any questions
Hopefully the exchange rate will help out the overseas folks!