The RSVR is hardly outdated for the street rider... but a five year life cycle for a competitive sport bike is reaching Grandfather status. The Jap bikes seeing life cycles now shorter than 2 years. I agree with many of you that it will be sad to see the Rotax v60 go. But it has it's limitations... the close angle crowds the cylinders. The L90 has more potential, less imbalance, is harder to package... but still has limitations. IMHO the V4 is the best configuration... the sound unmistakably unique, power and torque everywhere, and a better choice for a competitive bike. There is a reason there are only two I-4's, zero twins and zero triples in MotoGP, the highest form of two wheel competition. IMO where the RSVR shines is on the street. Cost will be the V4's downfall. If you want a sporting V4 you currently only have two options. 1.) Desmosedici (at 72k USD and limited production) lets be honest... for most of us (unless your Tom Cruise) you won't have one in your garage any time soon. 2.) The Honda VFR800 Interceptor... fantastic bike but lets face it, 100hp at the rear wheel and 500+ lbs ain't gonna cut it. Aprilia has the ability to get it's new V4 to the market before anyone, however, all Honda has to do is release a new 1000cc V4 RC or RVF for a fraction of the price and Noale is in trouble.