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Thread: Centrestand problem

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    Centrestand problem

    Since last summer I had a problem with the centre stand, as the big extension on the left of it bent.

    The mechanic at my dealer had a go and he managed to make it almost as it was before.

    The only problem is that it didn't last long. A few days ago when I've tried to put it on the centre stand, I had the impression that the extension was made of chocolate :-( :-O, as it bent very easily!!

    But since it happened the first time, I've noticed that when it was up, it was touching both the exhausts !!!

    Could it have been like that from the start, and the damage was done by the heat?
    Has anyone with the centrestand noticed anything similar?
    Have I missed something that would have prevented the centrestand touching the exhaust?

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    Make sure that the rubber on the back of the footpeg is still in place. That's the only thing that keeps it from rubbing.

    Ask me how I know.
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    Yup,its a crap design...or just bad welding? mines ok.
    Bend the 'big extension' back to the correct position
    and weld a large triangle bracket in place...
    I'm looking at ways to get more ground clearance...

    '02 Capo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makis
    Since last summer I had a problem with the centre stand, as the big extension on the left of it bent.
    I had the same problem. Did a mod on it about 3 years ago similar to what John's suggested and posted it here with pics. Check the archives.


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