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Thread: Test Rider Job Opening at Honda - Torrance, CA

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    Test Rider Job Opening at Honda - Torrance, CA

    Just perusing...

    Motorcycle Test Engineer (Bilingual English/Japanese a Must)

    Position Description:
    Like bikes? Welcome to your dream job. That's right, we want you to put the precision handling and performance of one of the world's hottest motorcycle lines to the test - the Honda Powersport.

    Oh, and it's not just motorcycles. As one of our Test Engineers, you'll rate every twist, every turn and every type of environment for our on-road, off-road, ATV and PWC categories. This will include:

    Organizing and coordinating Powersport testing activities
    Assisting with general maintenance of test units and equipment
    Summarizing and reporting on test results
    Providing support for general technical reports
    Supporting Powersport-related market and product/technical research activities
    Position Requirements:
    Some might call this work, but here it's our passion...and if you have the skills below, we'd like to invite you to share in it:

    Fluency in Japanese (verbal a must, written a plus) and English
    Bachelor's degree in a related discipline or equivalent experience
    1+ years of experience
    Basic PC proficiency (MS Office)
    Knowledge of all Powersport products and categories: On-Road, ATV, Off-Road, PWC (specialization in one or more categories a plus)
    Extensive motorcycle and Powersport riding abilities (on and off-road)
    Strong communication, planning, organizational, implementation and problem-solving skills
    Flexibility to thrive in a changing environment
    Ability to work overtime and travel as needed
    An obsession with Powersports doesn't hurt either
    Company Overview:
    At Honda R&D Americas, Inc., our unique approach and hands-on atmosphere give you the opportunity to learn through doing, ownership, responsibility and autonomy. That's because we believe that growth is achieved by seeking new challenges. And it's this philosophy that you will find in the way we do business and the expectations we have of our associates. Do more - and do it sooner - with Honda R&D.

    Be part of the excitement. If you are interested in a career at Honda, send your resume to:

    Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
    Human Resources
    1900 Harpers Way
    Torrance, CA 90501
    Fax: (310) 781-5677

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    That'd be cool...right in my backyard...too bad I have ZERO interest in learning Japenese
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    Is Carl's Jr. the son of Hot Carl?

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    That's been open for 3-4 months on www.motorcycleindustryjobs.comLooks like fun but I'd bet it's a lot of hard work.
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    You can bet the pay will not be up to par for a engineer. I applied once back in the 80's... I couldn't belive how little they wanted to pay....
    Just my 2 cents worth......

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    Quote Originally Posted by ride200mi
    You can bet the pay will not be up to par for a engineer. I applied once back in the 80's... I couldn't belive how little they wanted to pay....
    Just my 2 cents worth......
    Yeah but they are paying you to do something that YOU currently pay to do. So does it equal out, maybe, maybe not. It does sound like a pretty cool job. Riding would be fun, writing the reports on the testing probably not as fun. I'm sure after a while it would be like any other job.

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