• Featured Product: Brembo T-Drive Rotors

    Brembo T-Drive Brake Rotor (Pair) For '09-'12 RSV4-R*, RSV4 Factory*, '11-'12 Tuono V4*, '06-'10 Tuono, '11-'12 Dorsoduro 1200, '09-'12 Dorsoduro 750, '07-'12 Shiver 750, '04-'09 RSVR, RSVR Factory, '01-'03 Mille, Mille-R, '02-'05 Tuono.

    What is old is new again. Originally pioneered in Grand Prix racing in the early 1980s, T-Drive rotors feature a simplified carrier design for less wear on the floater mechanisms, improved feel, and lower weight. Now thanks to improvements in manufacturing and metallurgy, T-drive rotor designs are resurgent, especially in World Superbike Racing.

    Sold as a pair. Discs are Stainless Steel, carrier is Aluminum.

    *Please note: Currently not compatible with APRC models due to recesses in carrier.

    Limited Stock!
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    1. Matt fe2o3's Avatar
      Matt fe2o3 -
      no love for the caponord?
    1. mike70's Avatar
      mike70 -
      please post when you guys have figured out a solution for aprc models. thxs
    1. kzmille's Avatar
      kzmille -
      These discs look great. Buttons were always a stupid idea. They wear out just piling on road miles. This is how the discs on Honda factory race bikes have always been back to the earliest days of the super bike class. Expensive but very nice.
    1. The Foreigner's Avatar
      The Foreigner -
      How much for the pair for the 05 Tuoldo ?
    1. Ted / AF1 Racing's Avatar
      Ted / AF1 Racing -
      click the picture
    1. potere's Avatar
      potere -
      Quote Originally Posted by mike70 View Post
      please post when you guys have figured out a solution for aprc models. thxs
      Maybe the washers Braketech has for the RSV4 for their DI rotors would work. Ted is supposed to test the washers with the DI's, right Ted?