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    1. potere's Avatar
      potere -
      Brake calipers naturally get dirty due to brake dust and it's pretty hard to get off if you leave it for weeks before cleaning it.

      Do not use spray cleaners to clean brake dust, etc off your calipers. The spray will likely get on the disc which will remove the needed layer of brake material deposited during break-in on the disc and could easily cause brake shuddering when braking hard. Remove that crud with a rag you spray the cleaner onto. Don't wet it so much that it drips though.

      Brake judder/shudder can be very hard to solve, don't introduce an unnecessary extra factor into the troubleshooting. A great resource for brake tips is www.braketech.com
    1. dowdow's Avatar
      dowdow -
      will aprilia rs 50 rear brake cylinder fit onto a 125 do they fit each other
    1. Johnmax78641's Avatar
      Johnmax78641 -
      Where can I find manual for 2001 aprillia scarabero 150, just purchased one from a friend and did not have one? John Maxwell
      Luvzcats5322@gmail.com or johnmaxwell78641@gmail.com
    1. kingwarrior's Avatar
      kingwarrior -
      Hi I need to fit a used set of clocks to my rsv4 , how do I go about the coded keys to the clocks ?? Thank you
    1. dean123's Avatar
      dean123 -
      hi i have a pegaso 650 1998 bought with sprag clutch gone replaced and the magneto pickup is in line with the woodruff key, have spark and petrol but it will not fire any ideas plz
    1. ZipTracker1988's Avatar
      ZipTracker1988 -
      Led lights for vehicles, motors, drones for much for energy efficient and more energy power
      According to this article https://www.sompor.com/how-to-choose-led-driver/ LED lights are great. They last around 20 times longer and consume up to 90% less energy when compared to halogen or incandescent lighting, which helps you save money on your energy bills. While still maintaining similar levels of light quality, and they also come in a wide variety of unique colors, meaning you can achieve a great look to your applications. So I suggests we use LEd lights for our headlights and other stuff we're using. Thank you
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