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08-01-2011, 03:10 PM
Ok guys my last problem was trying to get my brakes fixed and running into the problem, on the 2000 rsv the brembos do not have rebuild kits and this is the only model year this way. I had a friend that pulled some fav's and got some seals made for me. This is not the problem.

I got the brakes back together and took it for a spin to get the feeling back in, I was low on gas and went to fuel up, as I finished and closed the gas cap I moved my foot and it sliped on the ground. I looked down and the fuel that I had just put in the tank was running right back out the drain line! :WTF: I have no idea were to start on this it was fine for the 20 mins before the gas station, I fill up and all of sudden it can't hold the fuel. The ape did sit for about 2-3 months waiting on the seals to be mfg. I did go out and run her at least every week while she was sitting. I do live in texas, where we have not seen daytime temps below 100 at all for the last 30 days. I'm stumped and want to ride bad!!!! help :worship::worship::worship:

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08-02-2011, 01:08 AM
thanks KZ, I have been looking for 2 days and just did not get the right wording in the search. :worship::worship: