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07-19-2011, 08:10 PM
Inquired on a Craigslist posting for a 2002 Mille R for sale: got an email back that says the bike is actually in Great Falls rather than Alabama. Anyone close enough and willing to go take a look for me and see if this is legit? Price seems way too good, and he'll pick up the sipping also(?).

Subject: RE: MILLE APRILIA - $2800 (AL)

2002 Aprilia Mille R
"Type: Sport bike
Exterior color: Black
2002 Aprilia Mille R. The bike has almost 17k miles and is in pristine condition!It comes stock with Ohlins forks, Ohlins shock, Ohlins steering damper, OZ forged aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes, and tons of carbon fiber pieces. The bike does not have any oil leaks or running issues whatsoever. I just changed the oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, and more! The stock Ohlins suspension on this bike has been upgraded to the newer Ohlins radial forks as well as Brembo monoblock calipers.All of the modifications are tasteful and perfect for the bike! This bike has NEVER been stunted or track raced, not once!
- Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 Tires (BRAND NEW!)
- Ohlins Radial Forks (installed from a parted out 03 Mille R)
- Brembo Radial Brakes (installed from a parted out 03 Mille R)
- 03+ Aprilia OEM Carbon Fiber Front Fender (required for radial fork conversion)
- Edwards 57mm Throttle Bodies
- Derestricted Airbox Inlet
- K&N Air Filter
- Edwards EPROM (tuned for 57mm throttle bodies and full Akrapovic 2-2 exhaust)
- Edwards Anodized Blue Upper Triple Clamp
- Integrated LED Taillight
- Zero Gravity SR Light Smoke Windscreen
- Sargent Seat (w/ Italian Flag)
- Weighted Bar Ends
- Frame Sliders
- 2-2 Full Akrapovic Stainless/Titanium Exhaust
- Akrapovic Carbon Fiber Exhaust Hangers"
I am selling this this bike because my unit has been sent to Afghanistan. I will not be able to drive it all this time and I sure don't want to get old in garage. The price it's low because I need to sale it in 1 week. I am after a fast transaction, with no delays. That is why I decided to lower the price, to avoid wasting time with negotiations and find a buyer as soon as possible.
The bike has no damage, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects. It's in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and hasn't been involved in any accident. I do have the title , clear, under my name. The bike has 17000 miles , year 2002.
If you are interested price it's $2,800.
The bike is in Great Falls, MT, in case it gets sold I will take care of shipping.
Let me know if you are interested.
For more pictures please use the link below:

07-20-2011, 10:31 AM
I'm sure I don't need to point this out, but it's a scam.

Just tell him to get you the address of where it is in GF, 'cause you have someone going to see it, and either they wont respond or will come up with another excuse.

07-20-2011, 10:52 AM
Damn! That's a well setup Mille for a great price. GLWP