View Full Version : Double end to end. guess my mileage & win money!

08-03-2010, 04:00 AM
Hey, i started from my house in warrington on the 15th of this month and went john o'groats first and have returned home for a day or two to allow my kit to dry and to try raise money, then i'll set off to lands end then all the way back. So far i've stayed with eco warriors in tree houses, tibetan monks, at poeple's houses i've met along the way, and slept in a bus shelter and someone's front porch.
The trip started off as a personal thing, to challenge myself, but has soon turned into a "meet the poeple" trip, i've met so many lovely poeple already and can't wait to get down south.
My mileage has varied quite abit from 30miles to 160 and i'm not sticking to the conventional end to end route so google maps wont aid you in your bet!

Each bet is 2 and who ever guesses the nearest mileage gets to keep half the money raised and the choice of who they want to donate the other half to. Also if you wish to place a second bet it's 3, and my speado goes to a tenth of a mile so i can take bets like "123.4"

If you're interested just send me a message with your name, guess, contact number and name of charity you'd like to donate to (i've put it on the sheet so poeple who don't know which charity can just pick one from the sheet)

edit - don't know how to work the photo's all the pictures are on fb here....

08-03-2010, 05:55 PM
wouldn't it be better to just donate all the money to charity ?

08-03-2010, 06:05 PM
wouldn't it be better to just donate all the money to charity ?

but then there's no incentive to donate and if people would just give the money to charity then why would they give it to him to give it to charity?

No offence mate, but i think you've chosen the wrong audience most people here are cash strapped teens not the sort who usually give to charity :p:

08-04-2010, 05:44 AM
Yeah that first bits spot on, at first i wasn't going to do any charity but i got back from john ogroats and everyone i'd met where like "you doing it for a charity, i'll donate?" and people doing in once, in a group and with a support vehicle carrying all their gear for them were doing in for charity, and i'm 16 cycling alone carrying all my gear sleeping under a poncho and doing it twice so :p
When your cycling alone you get tons of time to think and i thought it would be an interesting way to raise money.