View Full Version : Are these tires any good?

02-28-2008, 02:45 PM

I can't find any good nor bad reviews, but I can't find any tire ratings either.

I picked up my SR50 new, with 2 different tires :confused: (Sava front and Maxxis rear) It appears to be a combination of the tires used on SR50's in 06 and then in 07. Sounds like they used a leftover 06 tire when putting my 07 together.

It seems to handle itself just fine and I made the dealer aware. I'm just being a bit picky and paranoid.

I also feel I'm still not seen enough on the bike, maybe these things will grab more attention. It's not like the bike does highway speeds anyway, but I'd like to know if these things fall apart or not and how long they last.

All I could find was that the brand sponsors MX riders and from the pictures the tires seem to hold up to the abuse.

I can already predict the answers and reactions if I post this in the scooter section here... so I thought I'd ask if anyone knew any larger bikes with these tires. If anyone knows any tire ratings lemme know.